Aftermarket Charging Adapters and Charging Ports

Aftermarket Charging Adapters and Charging Ports

I been brought several computers over the years where clients have brought me computers where they have been informed that their charging port is broken or they must push on their charger in order for the laptop to charge. Sometimes their problem is not related to their laptop but the charger. I usually can role out the laptops very quickly and 9 out of 10 times when we are working with a aftermarket charger that has have failed and not the laptop charging port. I have found over the years that aftermarket chargers do not last nearly as long as the OEM chargers and highly recommend spending a few more bucks and purchasing a OEM charger.  I have seen aftermarket chargers adapter ends fail and/or the transformer within the chargers fail providing inadequate voltage to the laptop. Usually it is one of 3 things that cause charging issues. (click on thumbnails for larger images)

1) Charging port is broken 








2) Connection from the port to the main board is cracked








3) Bad Charger (usually by the tip) or bad transformer in the charger.








If you are unsure which problem you are faced with do not hesitate to contact me. Usually a this is a quick diagnosis and we can rule the charger out in a matter of moments at no cost to you.