How long will it take to repair my computer?
Repair times can vary on a number of variables, including warranty status, the workload at the time of drop-off, the time it may take to diagnose, the time it takes for a part to ship, and whether the part is on backorder. I will try and to give a verbal estimate on time of completion. Please note that unforeseen circumstances may impact this and its only a estimate.

What will I need to drop off anything besides the computer?
Most of the time we have the necessary cables and accessories to get a machine up and running. Notebook computers are an exception to this rule; if you are bringing in your notebook for repair, please bring along the AC adapter or power cord for the machine, as we may not have the right cables for your specific model of notebook. In addition please bring any software that you would like me to install.

How long is the warranty on a repair?
Warranty  will vary on specific repairs, and I will inform you of any Warranty prior to the time of any parts purchase.

 Does my warranty cover Software problems or viruses/spyware?
Software problems or viruses/spyware cannot be covered under the my warranty. Only hardware components of your computer are covered under any warranty.

Will I still be charged for a repair part even if it does not resolve my problem?
During the repair of your computer if the repair part that we recommend does not resolve your issue, you will not be charged for that part. You are only charged for the part or parts that restore your computer back to working order.

How much will my repair cost?

Some jobs (such as virus removal) can be estimated on a hourly basis or a flat rate. Other jobs such as D/C jacks and screen replacement can vary based upon manufacture and model of each individual laptop. These will be estimated once complete details of the hardware is known.


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