Blue Screen Errors

What is a Blue Screen Of Death ? The now infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) or more properly the ‘Windows stop message’ has BSOD 0xA sample labeled screen-shotbeen around since the early days of Microsoft Windows.

There are many causes for this error: Bad DLL’s, incorrect device drivers, bad memory, damaged registry etc. It usually occurs when Windows detects a problem or error from which it cannot recover.

The operating system halts and diagnostic information is displayed on a blue screen and detailed information is collected and stored in a file called a minidump. This error has become less predominant with modern computers. Receiving such an error these days, is much more serious than it used to be.

At LaptopDoctorCR we have a vast experience dealing with BSoD errors and can quickly pin point the cause, and come up with a solution to rectify the problem.

Common BSod seen are:

Stop Code: STOP 0×0000000A

possible cause : Faulty services from virus scanners or backup utilities or device drivers.

Stop Code: OX000000ED

Occurs if Windows if unable to access the volume containing the boot files. Possible hard drive problems, or malicious software can be the cause.

Stop Code: STOP 0×0000001E

possible cause : Some driver files cause this error.

Stop Code: STOP 0×00000024

possible cause : This error is generally caused due to disk corruption.

Stop Code: STOP 0×00000050

possible cause : This Stop message occurs when requested data is not found in the memory. The system generates a fault, which normally indicates that the system looks for data in the paging file. Faulty hardware, a buggy system service, antivirus software, and a corrupted NTFS volume can all generate this type of error.

Stop Code: STOP 0×0000007B

possible cause : This error always occurs while the system is could be an incorrect driver for a SCSI, RAID or UDMA IDE controller, or a failed boot device, or boot.ini problems.

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