Power Socket Repair

laptop-repair-penrith-socket (1)For all power connector faults, power socket repair, charger socket repairs look no further than LaptopdoctorCR. Power socket failures regularly occur, symptoms of this are intermittent charging or no charging, sometimes it’s possible to wiggle or wedge the lead to get the laptop to charge and the power light to illuminate. Power sockets on some machines can be quite fragile, and are usually broken if the charger lead is yanked when connected to the laptop or sometimes through normal wear and tear. Power connector faults are one of the most common laptop hardware problems I see. Below are some of the symptoms you might find if you have a charger socket problem.

– Wiggling the charger wire may cause a brief connection or sometimes if the DC connector is wedged in at an angle it might make the charging light illuminate and the laptop to power on.

– Sometimes if the power socket has broken the laptop won’t turn on at all and the charging light will not come on either, even if you wiggle the wire or hold the connector at an angle. – The laptop might run on the battery but it won’t charge.

– The power connector may get hot or you might smell burning when the laptop is connected to the mains.

The power socket found on most laptops is made from plastic so can be quite fragile. Replacing the laptop power connector isn’t an easy job and we would not recommend a DIY repair.

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