Antivirus Free vs Paid?

virus5I know Free vs Paid Antivirus has been a subject for debate for sometime  and each professional will have their own opinion. I have seen great Antivirus companies both free and paid market place. I personally am a Paid subscriber to ESET however I have recommended Panda Online Free to many other friends/colleagues. How do  I keep track? I tend to follow a few companies which focus on testing independent Antivirus Companies. One of these can be found at AV Comparision website and by clicking on the “Home User” option to the right of their website. The Security Institute ranks each A/V company based on Protection, Performance, and Usability. Please note with some of the Free versions you may get basic Antivirus Protection but not some of the more advanced features such a “Phishing Protection” “Website Checking” and “Email scanning”. With this information at hand you may want to decide what’s best.