CryptoWall 2.0 Ransomware- *Beware*

CryptoWallThis  week I was presented with a computer that was infected with the latest ransomware cryptowall 2.0. How do you know you have this virus? Usually every folder on your computer will include (unencryption instructions).

Similar to other previous variations of ransomware, this current version will encrypt all files including word documents, pdf’s and photos. (It was noted that this client had several years of their childrens’ photos and  electronic copies of their taxes on their computer.)  I tried a few different data recovery programs only to have limited success of restoring their files.  Unfortunately all MS Word documents and pdf files were a complete loss. I can see how this virus could completely destroy a business who did not backup their files. This reminds me of a previous post I did on backups. I again will refer you to my “Tools” page to look at cloud based backups.

I imagine this virus was presented to this client via e-mail as a .zip file and contained a .exe or a .scr file.

The days of having to compress and zipping files is far behind us and if your ever in question about the contents of an e-mail attachment (dont open it).

I highly recommend to my clients having 2 e-mail addresses (1 for junk mail) or those businesses that request a email address and 1 for primary correspondence with family/friends.

I will also remind you Antivirus is helpful in these situations but only if they are up to date! I have seen countless pcs over years that had infections and their AVG or Norton had expired 90+ days ago.