Phishing Is Still Enemy #1.

Phishing Is Still Enemy #1.

Phishing is still Enemy # 1.

New information from Osterman Research shows that over a 10-year timespan,  and since mid-2014, phishing has taken over from Web and still remains the No.1 network infection vector.

Below are some of the most common phishing emails that have been used in the past to hijack users accounts. Please take note of these e-mails subject lines and if you see one of these emails. Delete It.

This information is right inline with the “Google” phishing attack that was just done last week. That particular attack sent victims an email posing as an invite to a Google Doc from one of their own contacts and then requested access to their Google account. If the user allowed access, his or her contacts list was then sent the same phishing email. This phishing attempt effected an estimated 1 million users Google Says.

These are the most simple and avoidable ways of infection and only require a little bit of thought. (although tempting) to click.

Below are some of the other common  subject lines in e-mails that have been seen in the first quarter of 2017 that have been used to hijack users accounts. (Facebook and Email).

First quarter 2017 Top-Clicked Phishing Tests

We break these out in two sections, social media and non-social phishing tests.

  • 14% UPS Label Delivery , 1ZBE312TNY000150111
  • 3% Email Account Updates
  • 13% Your inbox is full
  • 11% A Delivery Attempt was made
  • 11% Unusual sign-in activity
  • 10% FW: Microsoft Security Update
  • 10% Update your mailbox
  • 9% Urgent: Mandatory Password Reset
  • 9% Internet Capacity Warning

Regarding the top-clicked phishing test related to social media, here are the numbers:

  • 23% Login alert for Chrome on Motorola Moto X
  • 18% 55th Anniversary and Free Pizza
  • 14% Please add me to your LinkedIn Network
  • 11% Join my network on LinkedIn
  • 11% Your Friend Tagged a Photo of You
  • 6% New LinkedIn InMail Message
  • 5% You have a Google Drive File Shared
  • 4% Reset your LinkedIn Password
  • 4% You have a new unread message!
  • 3% Your Klout Score Went Up!
  • 2% Confirm your Twitter account